‘The Haunting of Bly Manor is Exceptional: Netflix Review

The Haunting of Bly Manor is an exceptionally written series—a quiet, yet powerful story.

Review: Netflix’s ‘Song Exploder’

Song Exploder offers a fascinating exploration of artists' processes in a variety of musical genres. Devoted fans will be delighted to see their artist breaking down beloved songs, while those unfamiliar with the work will find plenty of interesting content around the creation of music itself. This series is definitely worth a listen and a watch.

Review: Netflix’s ‘A Perfect Crime’

A Perfect Crime may educate about the various sociopolitical forces around German reunification and the possible components of Detlev Rohwedder's murder, but its tone bounces uncomfortably between confusingly dry and gratuitously dark. The same entertainment value could probably be less frustratingly achieved through a YouTube video on the topic.

‘Utopia’ Season 1: Amazon Prime Series Review

Utopia is entertaining enough, but ultimately hollow. What could have been meaningful devolves into irrelevant exploits and unearned twists.

HBO Miniseries ‘We Are Who We Are’ Review

We Are Who We Are is strikingly captivating and complex, with unique and outlandish characters coupled with well-paced visual storytelling; viewers will be on the edge of their seats the entire time. 

‘Sing On!’ Season 1: Netflix Review

Go ahead, sing along with Sing On!—you know you want to. Sing On! is the not most sophisticated show on television, but it offers a good amount of easy entertainment.

Review: Netflix’s ‘Challenger: The Final Flight’

Challenger: The Final Flight is visually and emotionally gripping, providing a thorough telling of the Challenger's story that shies away from neither the good nor the bad.

Netflix’s “The Duchess” Review: Season 1

Come for the female empowerment, stay for the wardrobe design. I wanted The Duchess to be a feminist masterpiece of television. Instead, it felt like a drunken conversation at a NOW conference.

‘Woke’ Hulu Series Review: Season 1

I’m typically very skeptical of any person who claims to be enlightened by inanimate objects. In fact, that’s usually red flag number one when...

Amazon Prime Series: ‘The Boys’ Season 2, Episode 1 ‘The Big Ride’ Review

The dark and darkly comic The Boys continues with all the gore and violence as one might expect. If Hughie isn’t covered in blood, then something is truly missing.