There is nothing like the feeling of buying something I don’t need to remind me of places I love that do not exist. My favorite relic from Westeros appears to be a simple coin, but the initiated will recognize it at once and will know better. Fans like us might appreciate having one of these for ourselves, especially since we’ve got a year to wait for the next and final season of the HBO series and maybe the rest of our lives for The Winds of Winter to be published.

I get the idea of “new in box” collectibles, I’ve been down that road myself, but this artifact is one of those items that needs the fresh air and the light of day for the full experience. It needs to be carried and handled. It belongs in the world amongst the mundane.

The coin comes packaged in an envelope that manages to maintain the otherworldly fiction quite nicely. Wax sealed, “Interdimensional Access Approved” and allegedly “Via Sea Mail” this weathered and worn iron coin has to be touched to get the full effect. The texture and patina marvelously evoke untold sins of the past. Thinner and smaller than a quarter, it is a small indulgence, but very well done. Much cheaper and safer than a sword, but just as cool.

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