Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams
Title: Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams | Season: 1 | Episode(s): 1-10
Network/Service: Amazon Prime | Streaming Date: January 12, 2018

The ongoing questions of what is real and what it means to be human have always been central to Philip K. Dick’s examinations. The characters he creates aren’t necessarily unhinged, but they are always uneasy, and this anthology based on his short stories has the audience delightfully so as well. Electric Dreams is a marvelous introduction to the author’s off-kilter worldview that’s never been fully explored in the Hollywood interpretations of the source material.

This is a high concept series, with larger themes and maybe a little less emphasis on heroics and noble triumph, but all the better for it. Perfect for a streaming series, but unlikely to ever survive network requirements. The world and human existence, such as it is, is open to interpretation and no one is ever entirely correct in their assumptions. Life is not neatly packaged and tied up with a pretty pink bow.

The best way to see what Philip K. Dick is really about is to read him. With all the heartbreak and insanity, it is his own words that best describes the pain of living, but this series comes close. A meatier version of PDK, and well worth a look.