Show: The X-Files
Season: 11
Episode: 1 “My Struggle III”
Network: Fox
Air Date: January 3, 2018
Summary: “Mulder and Scully learn they aren’t the only ones desperately searching for their long-lost son, William; the fate of the world may ride on the outcome.”

Season 10 of The X-Files was, for lack of a better term, a mess. It felt as though the team behind the show was simply testing the waters to see what ‘type’ of show would appeal most to viewers. Hopefully, after having done this, after having experimented some, Season 11 of The X-Files will feel more polished and the show’s episodes will feel more cohesive. But one can only hope…

Is The X-Files relevant?

Episode 1 begins with a strong opening sequence that is teeming with powerful imagery. The moon landing was faked, the men in black suits are in control, and the Smoking Man has had a hand in orchestrating some of history’s most important events. Conspiracy theorists and true believers rejoice! It quickly becomes apparent that Season 11 of The X-Files is intended to appeal to longtime fans of the franchise, which is great, but there’s the questions that everyone has been asking since the return of The X-Files was announced, “Can The X-Files appeal to the modern viewer living in a world of fake news, social media, and instant gratification?”

The answer to this question, in short, is yes. Now, is the perfect time for the return of The X-Files and the Smoking Man knows it. In the episode he points out that, “every day, [there’s] a new disaster,” and goes on to say that, “we’ve thrown science out the window.” What he’s saying is mostly true, and by incorporating this viewpoint into the scripting of The X-Files, viewers will feel as though what they’re seeing is in fact possible. Thus, by convincing modern viewers to suspend logic and their disbeliefs by appealing to their insecurities The X-Files is successful, or at least it will be as long as it continues to entertain.

The stakes are mighty high.

What the hell is going on? After season 10’s cliffhanger of a finale, fans were left wondering what was going and what direction the series would move in. Apparently Scully has had a vision of what’s to come – see Season 10 – and thus, Season 11 will center around preventing the terrible events that the smoking man set into motion from happening. With the fate of the world, and, on a more personal level, Agent Fox Mulder’s fate, at stake, fans and newcomers alike will find the overall plot of this season appealing.

All the heavy lifting.

More than most season premieres, Episode 1 of The X-Files not only had to entice viewers to continue watching, but it also had a whole lot of explaining to do. Connections had to be made, and as far as I am concerned, all of the heavy lifting is finished. From here on out, there may be some explaining that needs to be done from time to time, but viewers will be able to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Overall, I can’t complain much about anything.

The stakes for the season are high, the performances in this episode were solid, and overall the episode was quite entertaining. At times the pacing was a bit to fast and felt somewhat forced, and some scenes were overly dramatic, but I am glad that The X-Files is back.

I’m looking forward to Episode 2; with the setup work finished, all it has to do is entertain…and I am confident that it will.