Television Review: The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 4, “Some Guy”

Title: The Walking Dead
Season: 8
Episode: 4 “Some Guy”
Network: AMC
Air Date: November 12, 2017
Summary: “A new weapon in the Savior arsenal proves to be a giant hurdle as fighting continues between Rick’s forces and those of the Saviors.”
* This review contains Spoilers; you’ve been warned. *

After last week’s ending, I, like the rest of my fellow TWD fans, was eager to see what happened to King Ezekiel and his group. Episode 804, unfortunately, begins by recapping the events that transpired prior to Ezekiel and company left the Kingdom to fight alongside Rick and the others. As frustrating as this is, beginning the episode in this way adds weight to the current state of things and, more so than anything else, tugs on the heartstrings, and thus, sets the tone for the what’s to come.

After an epic pick-me-up speech, we’re brought back to the present where we find Ezekiel buried under a pile of his men, surrounded by death. In the blink of an eye, a successful campaign has become a nightmare scenario. As is customary in The Walking Dead, Ezekiel’s crew returns from the dead, and of course, in typical horrifying fashion, try to eat him.

Having just barely escaped the onslaught, Carol creeps throughout the Saviors’ well-stocked compound and begins to take out Saviors from the ceiling…yes, she takes out a small team by hiding in a drop ceiling. Epic. Despite the odds being against her, it’s hard not to bet on Carol in this situation.

With Ezekiel “captured” and Carol sneaking around behind enemy lines, the scope of what’s happening, for the first time this season, is far from apparent as the episode’s focus is placed on two individuals. While this makes for an intense episode I prefer the pacing and chaos of the previous three episodes.

The clear highlight of the episode had to have been when Jerry cut a man (the dude that was shoving Ezekiel around) in twain. God, I love Jerry… I did, however, have a hard time believing that Jerry could take his axe and cut a man in half but couldn’t manage to use the same axe to break a chain. This wasn’t terrible, but I did feel somewhat cheated.

After Carol saves Jerry and the King, fans are treated to a tasty scene where Rick and Daryl chase down some Saviors in an effort to add some extra firepower to their ever-increasing arsenal. This brief but exciting scene is one of the best in the episode, and ultimately greatly raises the entertainment level.

Episode 4 ends on a heartbreaking note; Shiva makes the ultimate sacrifice for her king… She’ll be missed.

The Bottom Line:

While Episode 4 was decent enough, it felt forced, and ultimately, despite progressing the story a few inches forward, felt like filler. Packed with enough action to entertain and enough flashback/backstory to bore, Episode 4 is certainly the fourth best episode of Season 8 so far.