Twin Peaks: The Return Parts 1 and 2 Review

“My Log Has a Message for You”

Twin Peaks: The Return 1&2

I think Annie’s going to be OK. What I mean is that The Return is just as brilliant as I hoped it would be. I doubt, however, that it is likely to win any new fans. So, hopefully I’m preaching to the choir here. After twenty-five years this is just the blend of signature Lynchian skin crawling creepy and Twin Peaks madness to satisfy my craving for both.

We get a cryptic message from the Giant (Carel Struycken) in the Black Lodge. There is an acceptable explanation of what has been going on with Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan)all these years. We are given the comfort of Deputy (now Deputy Chief) Hawk (Michael Horse)’s spiritual center and the Log Lady (Catherine Coulson)’s psychic guidance. And Lucy (Kimmy Robertson)’s charm is as endearing as ever.

There are new folks and new puzzles. What’s up with the glass box? Who is the mysterious billionaire? NYC, Buckhorn, SD and Las Vegas are added to the landscape and their significance has yet to be revealed. Familiar characters are back, but not quite the same. Brother Jerry Horne (David Patrick Kelly) is delightfully over the top with his modern (food related) enterprise. Dead characters are back, though aged. I even spotted the actor who played Jacques Renault (Walter Olkewicz) behind the bar at the Roadhouse.