CLASS Season 1 Episode 6 “Detained” Review

“Things Are Going to Change Around Here”

Quill sends them all to detention because she has something she has to do, and thanks to a well-aimed meteor, a pseudo-Breakfast Club is created in a pocket dimension. This rock is some kind of prison for a sentient creature that when held, compels the holder to speak the truth out loud. Thanks to this remarkable cosmic coincidence we get all the teenage true confessions and suspicions and insecurities we could possibly want blathered forth ceaselessly and without regard for consequence.

I understand the reason for bottle episodes: cost saving, efficient exposition, and a vehicle to move the narrative along, but mostly I can’t stand them. This episode is especially irksome because of the near total lack of the savory Quill-iciousness that has become the main reason to watch Class at all. (Next week hints to make up for the deficiency, but we shall see).

The major flaw I find in this entire series is that we are supposed to take it on faith that these children are all that stands between the Earth and annihilation when the Doctor is not around. Well, uh, no, I do not. Hell, April doesn’t even have her superpowers anymore and for all the royal lineage that Charlie might possess, he has no real grasp on strategic thinking. Every other spin-off had a crew more capable and believable than this lot.