American Gods Season 1 Episode 4 “Git Gone” Review

“Death Is Not a Debate”

You could say that Shadow saved Laura (Emily Browning)’s life. She was a Black Jack dealer who tried to kill herself with bug spray and failed. Then she met Shadow and started to live, but she was never happy. Her tendency for self-destruction manifests in other ways, though. She convinces Shadow to rob the casino. He fails and goes to jail and we are left wondering if someone set him up. Laura promises to wait for him and doesn’t, but we knew that already.

It’s what happens after she dies that is the most interesting. She believes in nothing and Anubis promises to send her to nothing, but somehow escapes death. She crawls from the grave to see Shadow’s light and in a beautiful slow motion blood ballet saves him from the hanging. The story of Laura and Shadow is a love that transcends death and it is only just beginning.