ARCHER Season 8 Episode 6 “WAXING GIBBOUS” Review

Holy shitsnacks. Just honestly… HOLY SHITSNACKS!!! I mean, I mean… wow. That just got pretty dark pretty quick. Barry just took his whole crazy shtick up to another level, or twelve, to end another fantastic episode and that just needs to be said to start this whole thing off.

Alas, as a whole, Adam Reed and his crew continue Waxing Gibbous by jumping straight into things with the same stream of consciousness cinematic setting that leads so successfully and so seamlessly from one episode to another, all the while Archer is strangled into an explanation to Mother and supplied with pills (and a few other sorts of pills, you know, to smooth out the edges!) from Charlotte to ensure our main character remain awake for another episode fraught with danger. Finally, Lana’s character is reintroduced in force during a pretty comedic exchange with a familiar figure from Archer’s past that reveals a bit of backstory as to why Lana’s been so very concealed in the background for the majority of this season. Eugene Mirman again steals almost every scene as the definitive second most sinister entity in all of Dreamland and I love how the creators constantly having a character somehow mention the title of the episode throughout the dialogue of the show but a pilled-out Archer questioning himself aloud over the types of ghost temperament may have been the most personally rewarding exchange of the entire episode.

Yet, most importantly, Waxing Gibbous feels like the exact pinpoint on the map as to when all of the rising action building paramount throughout the course of Archer Dreamland finally feels like the tension has reached the very moment where everything being held carefully together by a thread finally explodes in the worst and bloodiest way possible. The possibilities of where things can go from here remain endless, but it feels like a good bet that Krieger has to make a pretty dramatic appearance sometime in the course of the final two episodes. Next week’s episode surely has the hallmark for all hell to break loose even further in the Trexler’s mansion, as after six episodes, the majority of the main characters are finally gathered together in one room on a stormy night in the hills of LA after witnessing the leftovers of grotesque group homicide and meeting the murderer face to face, ending Waxing Gibbous with a cliffhanger that would rival the finest of any mystery novel.

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