AMERICAN GODS Season 1 Episode 3 “Head Full of Snow” Review

“You Are Pretending You Cannot Believe In Impossible Things”

This week the action is dialed back a bit, although Mr. Wednesday provides some felonious hijinks to entertain us. “We’re Gonna Rob a bank,” he says. “Want some coffee?” But really, this installment is all about what is going on in Shadow’s head. Does he really make it snow? Does it matter? Isn’t it nice when you can dream whatever you want? His introduction to this new and disturbing hidden world mirrors our own experience.

We also meet some new players and see the return of some familiar characters. Anubis (Chris Obi) arrives and appears to be quite nice and comforting. There is a complex introduction to Salim (Omid Abathi) and the Jinn (Mousa Kraish), who we are told, does not grant wishes. The third Zorya sister (Erica Kaar) snatches the moon from the sky to give to Shadow to keep him safe. Czernobog loses a checkers rematch which buys Shadow some time. Mad Sweeney finds that he has lost his luck. Laura Moon’s grave is revealed to be empty.