CLASS Season 1 Episode 4 “Co-owner of a Lonely Heart” Review

“This is What Happens Now”

Too much happens in this fourth episode in the series of eight and the info-dump it contains is head spinning. The story begins with an attempt by the King of the Shadow-Kin to retrieve his half heart. The procedure doesn’t work, but rather increases his connection to April giving her heightened hostility, strength, and aggression all of which come in handy with the unwelcome return of her father. In turn, the King feels the need to cuddle as April and Ram consummate their relationship.

We then find out more about Charlie when he shows his privileged imperious nature and as a result both Matteusz and Tanya question his ethics. The message appears to be that perhaps Ms. Quill really was a freedom fighter after all.

Meanwhile, back at Coal Hill, there is a new Head Teacher (Pooky Quesnal) who knows way too much as well as an as yet unexplained plague of carnivorous flower petals.

All this makes me wish that they’d just slow down a bit and take a breath. It’s all good stuff to be sure, but it needs some space to sink in. Charlie is getting more interesting, and even Matteusz is starting to have depth. Ram is turning out to be a heroic nice guy which he deserves to be. Tanya didn’t complain about her mother for a whole episode and April is becoming a bit of a badass, all of which make me like this show more.

One thing I don’t like though are the episode titles that so obviously try to be clever but usually fall flat.