Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 2

I like Bill. In the tradition of companions who admire, but don’t adore the Doctor, question what he says and retain a human perspective, Bill is just right. Everything she does is earned. She is curious and thoughtful and maybe that’s just what the Doctor needs. I’m glad to have her around for this transition.

This week we have more about this season’s enduring mystery. There is a vault that the Doctor must protect and the vow that he must not leave Earth. There will be reveals and consequences to look forward to as Season 10 progresses.

Meanwhile, “Emoji” survives as the enduring language of humankind. That’s probably the most frightening aspect of the episode.

But “Smile” is a good episode. The audience is clued in right away by the menace these robots pose and before long the Doctor and Bill see it too, but in their attempt to fix the problem, they make it worse. There’s plenty of running and swiping out of component wires in this familiar but nicely paced story. It works as an easy intro to the new additions to the TARDIS and showcases the genuine chemistry between Capaldi and Mackie.

And no matter what Episode 2 implies, Emojis are evil and will always be evil.