Looking for an easy binge-watch before the next big thing in genre TV? Only eight episodes long, this series raises more questions than it answers, but it is entertaining and mind-bending all the way through. With quick pacing and excellent acting in every chapter, this back catalog “X” is well worth a look.

Think of this as a psychological thriller based on a Marvel property. Sure, there are mutants all over the place and a government agency bent on destroying them, but that’s not the main concern here. This doesn’t feel like any other superhero show and that is a good thing. No familiarity with any of the X-Men canon is required, so this is the perfect intro for anyone with a casual interest or less. It’s just a good story with interesting characters.

The main character David Haller may be the most powerful mutant in the world, or he may be schizophrenic, maybe both, but it is the battles within and without his mind that provide the drama. The ensuing story is truly surprising and intense at every turn.

If you’ve missed this, check it out. Legion is well worth the time and is a totally original Marvel story and television experience.

And that Aubrey Plaza is just plain phenomenal, her performance should not be missed!