The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15
[Please don’t read this post unless you’ve seen the episode…there are spoilers ahead…]

After last week’s ending, I was eager to see what happened with Sasha, and Eugene for that matter, and after watching the teaser preview of tonight’s episode, I was concerned for Maggie’s safety.

I absolutely loved how Negan saved Sasha from being raped by that Savior scum-bucket, ‘Rapey Davey.’ That and I also thoroughly enjoyed how Negan referred to Sasha’s “Beachball sized lady nuts,” not once, but twice. I mean, what did we do before we had Negan’s one-liners? Oh that’s right, we watched Glenn…

Did you hear Eugene trying to convince Sasha to drink some of Negan’s Kool-Aid? What the hell was that about? I thought initially that Eugene was putting on a front just to increase his chances of surviving, but now…now I don’t know.

Gregory now knows Maggie’s name, so that’s a plus. Oh yeah and how sweet was it when Cindy laid out her grandmother at Oceanside? I was watching like, Damn!

And now that Rick and company has the firepower that they need, it’s only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose. I would have liked to have seen some of the women from Oceanside join the fight – because clearly, some of them wanted to – but I’m confident that the Saviors are going down.

That ending! Next week is going to be nuts!!!