This episode contains another smart story about the culture and community of ordinary wesen. These are the common people like Monroe and Rosalee who want nothing more than to lead a peaceful life. Unfortunately, circumstances out of their control, such as the onset of dementia, cause unique and dangerous problems for wesen. This problem must be dealt with in a fashion that is both ruthless and compassionate at the same time. The safety and secrecy of the community must be maintained. The exploration of this dilemma is tenderly administered and the result is ian episode that is both sweet and poignant. And almost completely out of place.

At this point, so near the end of the entire series, the stakes are high, yet the ultimate conflict is pushed to the background again this week. Diana, who likely is the key to all of this, does not even appear in the episode. Renard wants to get to the bottom of her drawings and confronts both Adalind and Nick, but does so in a manner that is obnoxious and ineffective. What role will he play? Whose side is he on? Does it matter? I’m thinking no; the Captain has become toothless as of late.

That is the crux of the problem with this last season. Character behavior is inconsistent and the familiar Grimm technique of piling on the mythos without sufficient explanation is out of hand again. The usual strategy of sort of backfilling or retconning when things get noticed is just not going to work.

By the end of the episode, the personality of “Eve” seems to have faded entirely and we are now subjected to the unconvincing and ill-prepared “Juliette” version. Somehow this clueless neophyte (all the HW training has disappeared it would seem) convinces Adalind to help her go through the mirror. Not that Adalind should care what the ex-fiancé of her baby daddy is up to, but it does involve maybe the end of the world, so maybe she should take a more hands-on approach and at least let everybody else know what’s going on.

I’m having fun, but with three episodes left to tie a lot of loose ends together, I’m starting to worry.