GRIMM -- "Tree People" Episode 609

This is an episode that I wish had been done much earlier in the series. The morality of the Grimms of the past has been fluid at best and is usually glossed over. Most of Nick’s forbearers had the unwavering strategy of ‘decapitate first, ask questions later.’ Some of them were mercenary. Some were corrupt. Nick, to his credit, occasionally thinks about ethical behavior. With “Tree People,” the question comes up that if these creatures are only killing humans when defending themselves from aggression, then is it more wrong for a Grimm to kill them? It is easy to take the role of judge, jury, and executioner when you are after merciless predators and sneaky parasites, but when the human is the villain, the meeting of justice is not so cut and dry. Nick really doesn’t have the moral high ground in this case, but when Rosalee accidentally pollutes the forest and becomes the target, the philosophy class ends, so does the MOTW, and both without any satisfactory resolution.

The rest of the story is just info dump about the BIG STORY. Apparently, Diana knows all about the hell dimension but doesn’t volunteer any useful information and no one asks any pointed questions. Eve is hinting that she will voluntarily go into the dimension to do battle with something, I suppose. Renard’s Siberian connection hasn’t figured out anything and seems to know less than she did last week.

What we ended up with this week is a situation where the competing stories in the episode worked against each other. The interesting parts about the MOTW should have been fleshed out and the season arc needed to be the central focus from now on. It looks promising that the last four episodes will do just that as the progression to series end moves along. I’m hoping for the best.