Do not read any further than this first line if you haven’t already watched the episode. This reaction post contains spoilers. You’ve been warned.

Throughout Episode 12, “Say Yes,” we got a whole lot of tasty Richonne action, in fact, we got so much Rick and Michonne action that I found myself wondering whether the two are inadvertently ‘bad’ for one another. Now, before you freak out and say something like, “Charlie, that chemistry, though,” think about how vulnerable and distracted the two love birds were tonight. Several times throughout the episode it was apparent that the two—Rick especially—were dangerously distracted.

I very much enjoyed watching the carnival of carnage scenes from tonight’s episode. This (school?) carnival setting was an awesome change of scenery, and I hope that we get to see some more interesting locations in coming episodes.

And now, let me ask, how many of you freaked out when Rick fell from the Ferris Wheel? Despite knowing that Rick wasn’t going to go out like that, I couldn’t help but freak out a bit. I also think that it’s important to focus on the fact that when Michonne thought she had lost Rick, she was ready to die. Once the severity of the situation hit Michonne—when they were riding away from the carnival, guns, and supplies in tow—it was obvious that she was concerned by how vulnerable love has made her.

Overall, I thought that Episode 12 was solid. What did you think? Be sure to look out for my full review.