This episode probably should have been titled something along the lines of “The Revolving Door,” because Beerus literally goes off and kicks the snot out of every Z-Fighter on Earth who has the balls to challenge him (ahem, Krillin), until the only person left to defend the planet is the one presence that constantly leaves Goku shaking in his weighted boots.

If that wasn’t perplexing enough, prepare yourself for some oddities like how easily my main man Buu gets tossed aside a number of times. And what about Gotenks’ strange decision to keep his hair brown for the entire episode despite getting embarrassed in front of his mother(s)?

By the way, Gotenks has to be more involved in the series; that pudding spoiled brat (Beerus’ words, not mine) is always good for at least a few off-the-wall scenes thanks to his outrageously brash personality and those equally ridiculously named moves.

On the other side of things, Piccolo and Gohan have gotten increasingly predictable even though we’re less than ten episodes into the series. Then again, it was startling to see the son of Goku, after supposedly getting some heavy Mystic training once upon a time, stay down after getting slapped once with a Buu. Speaking of slaps, what about Bulma?! Vegeta is not a happy a man, and in Episode 8, I’m sure that we’ll get to see just how unhappy he is. It’s too bad that the episode ended when it did…

Goku gets absolutely no screen time here, and since he has meet up with the others sooner or later, I’m sure that our Sayan Prince is destined for something intense soon. Episode 8 should be interesting. It would have been cool to get a flash of Kai’s planet for a moment or two, but Episode 7 was the best that it could be since it was an early-season episode that fails to make mention of the series’ main character.