GRIMM -- "Blind Love" Episode 607

This episode makes some attempt to move the seasonal arc along, but for the most part, it is played for laughs. We are introduced to a skull with the glowing eyes that has something to do with the spooky writings and Eve’s glimpse into the hellish dimension and Diana’s creepy questioning of Eve about her other mother Kelly. (You remember the one that evil Juliette killed, in case you forgot she flash backed to the head-in-the-box). From then on, though, it is all Grimm-lite. If they were going to do a funny episode this is a good place to put it, we still have six more to save (or destroy) the world.

We know we are not to take things too seriously when we have a wesen that spits a fatal love potion into drinks, a father that is amused at his daughter’s kidnapping, and the most unbelievable of all, Monroe going on a romantic birthday spa retreat with his wife and five other friends and one infant. I could almost accept that Nick and Adalind are invited as a companion couple and maybe they didn’t have a choice but to take Kelly. (Who could they trust?) But Eve? Seriously? She lived for weeks in the tunnels beneath Nick’s house and Diana was the only one who noticed. I supposed if she was going to be invited, you would have to invite the two forty-something bachelors, both of whom had been cursed by Adalind. The more the merrier!

So, to recap the potion generated love connections: Eve loves Nick (of course), but that pairing was more cringe-worthy than amusing (as usual). Nick loves Rosalee, which was great, mostly because of Bree Turner’s acting (she totally rocks). Monroe loves Eve and thankfully Silas Weir Mitchel is there to do all the heavy lifting. Adalind (Claire Coffee) loves Monroe giving us another example of how well they work together. Hank loving Hank and the associated soundtrack was brilliant. I hope Wu and the waitress end up being a real thing, he deserves it, he’s a great guy, and after all, he did save her life.

That the funniest thing about the episode is the kidnapping of a child shows how Grimm should just go for it. Sasha Roiz as the “not at all concerned father” and Hannah R. Loyd as Diana made something that should not work into something truly original.

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