I’ve been waiting, you’ve been waiting, we’ve all been waiting, and finally, after its midseason hiatus, AMC’s The Walking Dead is BACK!

Going into tonight’s episode, a lot of us were quite concerned about the future of TWD due to the decline in ratings and the slower-than-normal pacing that we experienced during the first half of Season 7. But thankfully, the conclusion of Episode 8 – as emotional as it was – gave us all hope. Most of the group is now together and they are ready to fight. Thus, going into tonight’s episode I couldn’t wait to see what happened.

[Spoilers Ahed]

How awesome was the scene where Rick and Michonne tore into the horde of walkers with the cable stretched between their cars?! It was brutal, and frankly, I think that it is one of the coolest walker-kill scenes to date. And when Rick and Michonne emerged from their cars and quickly became overwhelmed by the remainder of the horde…#Tension.

God damnit Gabriel! The little snake stole their shit and ran. I knew I never should have stopped hating him…

Saying that I am disappointed with King Ezekiel and his decision to not stand alongside Rick and fight the Saviors is an understatement. I was hoping that Morgan, or Benjamin for that matter, would sway the King, but that just didn’t happen. Tis’ alright though, there’s still time.

Aside from the Walker mow-down, my favorite scene of tonight’s episode was when Morgan was reunited with Rick and company. This scene was terribly emotional, and not just for the sole fact that Morgan and Rick are back together, but also for the reopening of old wounds. When Morgan learned that Negan had killed Glen and Abraham while he was away, I felt as though I relived the Season 7 opener.

And lastly, what an ending?!

This isn’t the start that I was looking for, but we’re off to a good start folks, let’s hope that the momentum keeps building.