Grimm is often the weirdest, silliest and most nonsensical show on TV, but that’s a good thing. It doesn’t matter that the life cycle of the cicada wesen, doesn’t match a real cicada or the legend of Dionysus doesn’t match up either. After all, instead of cheap CGI, this week we get a guy in a bug suit, which is so much better. When Grimm embraces the illogic it works best because after all, we come to the show with a willful suspension of disbelief. We abandoned logic years ago, so don’t sweat it.

There’s a whole lot of stuff going on this week and it is all fun and it all serves the ongoing arc, except the MOTW, but that’s awesome in ways that Grimm has never done before. Eve is connected to those mysterious symbols, she writes them on the walls of the tunnels and they appear on her skin. Diana is connected to them too, is suspicious of her father and wants to “see Meisner” implying maybe she is responsible for the hallucinations. Renard tries to rid himself of Meisner with a “Spirit Vacuum” which is as ridiculous and cool as it sounds, but is it real? We don’t know.

There is lots we don’t know. Top of my list is when is Trubel coming back? But also, will Diana end up saving the world or destroy it? Either way would be fine with me, but no doubt she is the center of everything.