Grimm | Season 6 | Episode 4

Fridays at 8:00 on NBC
Season 6 | Episode 4
“El Cuegle”

Everybody knows that Grimm’s days are numbered. The hope is to finish the series in a manner that does justice to a well-loved show that has managed to hang on despite its flaws, detractors and the junkyard Friday night time-slot. With that in mind, I am resistant to what looks like a return to the ‘mundane monster of the week’ format. There is too much to do, to many questions to be answered to go backwards.

Maybe I’m overreacting. “El Cuegle” is a better than the average MOTW. It also underscores the menace that Diana has become. If El Cuegle, the three armed, three eyed seer’s purpose is to eliminate evil in its infancy, are we to infer that Diana is not evil? Well, she loves her Mommy, she loves her Daddy, but has made it abundantly clear that no threat or harm to her mother will ever be tolerated. Although she doesn’t see Sean Renard as a threat, should he become one, no doubt retribution will be sure and swift.

The side stories have promise too. The potential is immense, I want to see how they pan out, but they better not blow it.

Meisner has been revealed as a figment of Renard’s imagination, a welcome return of Damien Puckler and better than nothing. Eve has gone full-on stalker ex-girlfriend mode and it appears that the magical stick of healing (and as yet unnamed other powers) doesn’t like her. Yeah stick! Monroe and Rosalee have real concerns about the safety of their unborn child (or children as Diana has indicated). Any scene that they are in is always good.

All in all, a good episode and I am cautiously optimistic about the future.

7 out of 10 for balance and promise

Dave Robbins
While wearing flannel shirts that are older than his editor, Dave works as the Associate Editor at the Brazen Bull where he often says things like: "Don't talk to me about David Lynch until you've seen Eraserhead."

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