The Librarians Sundays at 8:00 on TNT
Season 3 | Episode 10
“And the Wrath of Chaos”

Did anyone really believe that Col. Baird sold out Flynn and the rest of the Librarians? Maybe not, but we were forced to believe that the head of the super-secret all-powerful government agency tasked to protect everybody from magic is stupid enough to release Apep from his sarcophagus, get possessed, and try to release pure evil into the world. As luck would have it (surprise, surprise), it turns out that all along, Flynn’s master plan to save the Library and the world was to rely on the General to do just that.

And just to make matters worse, Gen. Rockwell (Vanessa Williams) of DOSA happens to have a bomb on hand to blow up the Library, even though if her plan went correctly it would have been empty. Or was the explosive supposed to destroy only the source of magic in the Library? Why would she think she could? How did she know where it could be found?

Anyway, the government stooges underestimated both our plucky heroes and the great big bad chaos god. In the end, of course, Flynn doesn’t have to die because Jake, Cassandra and Ezekiel were each given the exact thing necessary to turn Apep into a human so that he could be the sacrifice instead of Flynn. Yay, good triumphs over evil! I like that the good guys win, but this whole season felt like it was phoned in.

From the beginning I have liked the premise of The Librarians, the characters and the actors and as disappointing this season has been, it is still usually fun to watch. Maybe it will get better, maybe I will lose interest. If there is nothing else on, I’ll probably continue to watch…if I remember.