Dragon Ball Super 103

Dragon Ball Super | Adult Swim | Saturday | 8pm
Season 1 | Episode 3
“Where Does the Dream Pick Up?! Find the Super Saiyan God!”

Goku can’t launch a Spirit Bomb every episode…let’s just get that out into the open right and accept the fact that we can’t have one-armed, tri-Kamehameha’s on the reg. There is a distinct reason why these moments are forever embedded within the minds of so many fans; these points are the grandiose payoffs to frustratingly long and exceedingly stagnant waiting periods. But, was Dragon Ball Super Episode 3 actually vital to advancing the plot of the series?

I suppose the audience certainly learned a few minor details that filled in pieces of the back story, but, figuring out that Beerus trapped Grand Kai in the Z-Sword wasn’t really a make-or-break moment.

Beerus continues to dominate the majority of the story and deservedly so. The high point of the episode comes when he speaks about visiting Earth awhile back to deal with some “dinosaurs with attitude problems” and then proceeds to break the fourth wall, making a passing comment that twenty-five-minutes is about the length of a standard anime episode.

Unfortunately the heart of the episode was strangely and severely lacking anything resembling a steady pulse. Overall, the episode felt stretched too thin in the way it glanced over the reintroduction of pivotal core characters that dated as far back as the beginning of Dragon Ball. Krillen was the only Z-Warrior to get any type of scene with an extended run of dialogue, but even that fell a little flat. It was lame how Vegeta had literally one line, same for Goten and Trunks. Is anyone ever going to throw a punch this season? I’d even take another dinosaur fight with the little guys at this point.

Long time fans are getting a lot of good laughs and a few nice moments to start off the series, while new fans are getting their toes wet in Sector 4032 Green on Planet 877. The introduction to this new series is no doubt moving at a crawl, but long time fans need to understand; this isn’t episode 292 of Dragon Ball Z. However hard or frustrating it may be (and for longtime fans who have already seen the movies, it sure IS hard and frustrating at points), this is episode 3 of a new series called Dragon Ball Super.

The contrast with the series that preceded DB Super is night and day; while you certainly sense that ominous tension of a snowball tightening with every passing episode, DB Super remains a stark contrast in comparison to the events that transpired within the first few episodes of DBZ that were absolutely riveting.

But let’s not pass judgment within the first sixty composite minutes of a series. Sometimes, the long play is the best hand. Haven’t you ever cooked a slow roast? Watched a triple overtime game? The wait can be worth it, my friends. Let’s just hope to see a few yellow hairs or something sometime soon.

Score: 5 out of 10