GRIMM -- "Oh Captain, My Captain" Episode 603 -- Pictured: Sasha Roiz as Sean Renard -- (Photo by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)
Grimm | Fridays at 8:00 | NBC
Season 6 | Episode 3

“Oh Captain, My Captain”

The good-news/bad-news tendencies of Grimm have returned. Sasha Roiz, as the full-on evil megalomaniacal Captain, is phenomenal. He has the physical and facial expression capability to pull off the transformation and the acting chops to pull off the impression of Nick looking like the Captain, trying to pretend to be him after huffing off of the magic hat.

This is an encouraging approach building up to the end the series, but just when the show is on a roll with the welcome embrace of the looniness that promises all bets are off, the show dials back the creativity and gets stupid again.

While I welcome the comical elements, especially team Monroe and Adalind’s Marx Brother’s routine, the newly captain-ized Nick scene and the amazing Sean on Sean action, I think they dropped the ball in a couple of places.

I’m not fond of the truce between Nick and Renard. I hate that they gave Adalind the need to be protected again. She is so much more interesting when she is the one driven to protect her kids rather than asking to have them protected.  Claire Coffee is one of the best actors in the ensemble, so she should be let loose, not held back. And seriously, don’t we all know by now not to make the magic kid unhappy? Have we learned nothing from Billy Mumy (The Twilight Zone) sending everybody to the cornfield? I do like that Meisner is back, though I don’t doubt for a second he is merely an hallucination.

Oh and Eve falling in love with Nick again and being jealous of Adalind, ick and I don’t care!

The episode slipped a bit in my view, but I am still on board for the duration.

Score: 6 out of 10

…for the resets and the lack of common sense about Diana.