Dragon Ball Super | Adult Swim | Saturday | 8pm
Season 1 | Episode 2
“To The Promised Resort! Vegeta Takes A Family Trip”

Episode 2 of Dragon Ball Super is straight-up filler. Does that mean, “To The Promised Resort! Vegeta Takes A Family Trip” is a “bad” episode or that it is a “failure?” No! In fact, it’s actually the opposite; being just two episodes into the new series, Episode 2 serves it’s purpose and continues to catch the audience up with what’s happened since that faithful Spirit Bomb. When dealing with any Dragon Ball installment, you’re dealing with a marathon, not a sprint.

As a long time viewer, I appreciate the decision to tie up loose ends. Any fan who labored intensively with the Saiyans in the Room of Spirit and Time has a gigantic smile on their face now, and have had at least a few chuckles at the strange juxtaposition of Vegeta finally making good on a nearly forgotten promise that many of us never expected him keep. It is a reward to the fans who had stuck around desperately waiting for the wrongs of Dragon Ball GT to be rectified for years and years.

And although this episode may have higher peaks than the debut, it also has lower valleys.

It’s strange how Vegeta lies to himself about beating Majin Buu during the apex of his circus panic attack. And there’s no fight moments with the Z-Warriors. There’s just a minor Beerus smack down. No screen time for Buu and Satan, Goten and Trunks, or Goku.

In an extremely lighthearted episode, the majority of the conflict was pretty deep. Vegeta, the second best Saiyan, senses the grip of domestication tightening around his silver medal

Dragon Ball Super is still catching us up with our old pals while setting up some big battles to come. The end was particularly memorable, and while not exactly a cliffhanger per se, it closed an episode full of memorable moments with another strong scene. Call “To The Promised Resort! Vegeta Takes A Family Trip” filler if you want, just make sure you call it classic filler.

Score: 7 out of 10