Grimm | Season 6 | Episode 2

Grimm | Fridays at 8:00 | NBC
Season 6 | Episode 2
“Trust Me Knot”

Eve is becoming more like her former self Juliette every moment, which I hope ends badly for her. From the beginning, she has been, and still is by far, my least favorite character. Renard continues to have visions of blood on his hands while planning for more mayhem. The war between he and Nick, long in abeyance due to the need for concealment, is now unrestrained. The magical stick is proving to be even more magical, and becoming more attached and precious to Nick the more he holds on to it. Diana is more powerful and disturbing than ever, even when her eyes don’t glow. She is so damn creepy, uhhhh, makes me shudder, and I love it.

In this episode, anything is possible as Captain Renard sends Portland’s version of a SWAT team after Nick, but Hank and Wu arrest him for the death of his mistress/publicist before he can give the order to storm Bud’s shop. To be fair, Renard could not have killed what’s-her-name because at the time he was saving Nick’s life by running a sword through Bonaparte, and beside that, we already know Diana was behind it all courtesy of long range spell casting and her flawed understanding of how to keep mommy happy.

Later, Nick tries to cut a deal with the Captain, but gets double crossed and Monroe and Rosalee are tasked with babysitting the horrifying, and maybe insane Diana. At least the kid seems to like them and wants to help decode the cloth that the magical stick came in.

Everything we need to know for the rest of the season/series has been laid out. Sasha Roiz, as Renard, finally gets to be the big bad we always wanted him to be and nobody is being especially careful about putting all of Portland’s wesen secrets out in the open. Regardless of how this ends, it looks like the show is firing on all cylinders. My only complaint is that Trubel has again gone off on yet another unexplained mission for HW. I hope she comes back soon, with superior firepower and reinforcements.

Score: A solid 7 out of 10 since we are still in the set up stage.

Dave Robbins
While wearing flannel shirts that are older than his editor, Dave works as the Associate Editor at the Brazen Bull where he often says things like: "Don't talk to me about David Lynch until you've seen Eraserhead."

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