The Librarians
Sunday’s @ 8pm on TNT
Season 3 | Episode 8
“And the Eternal Question”

Spontaneous human combustion is always a nice place to start an episode of a genre show. It can be anything or it could be nothing and there is always an argument about what is real and unreal providing a perfect set up for delving into a mystery. Adding vampires into the mix works too in that they have enough legend, but no real canon, so their behavior and appearance can be tweaked in whatever way best serves the story. The Librarians may have set the stage with the familiar, but this time, have actually delivered an episode where the background stories are far more important and well told that the main plot.

What works is that we get to see some of what makes the Librarians tick. Cassandra’s tumor is back in the story again and her life is in imminent danger. She is probably the most likable character and although I didn’t believe for a second that she wouldn’t survive, her colleagues did and that gave the episode some needed suspense. That she suddenly shows a romantic interest in Jenkins, is interesting and odd, seeming more random than shocking but maybe there’s more going on, especially since I thought she and Jake were warming to each other. It might be a worthwhile twist, I hope. And speaking of romance was Flynn going to pop the question?

Anyway, nice to see Jenkins (AKA Galahad) show his origins as a sword wielding hero and have a story adding some depth to the main characters. All things considered, we did get two decent episodes in a row, not enough to salvage the season, but enough to frustrate when considering the overall unrealized potential. Two more episodes coming up, here’s to a season that at least will be going out with a modicum of dignity.