Netflix’s ‘Hubie Halloween’ Review

If you’re logging on to Netflix to watch a chilling and funny Halloween special starring Adam Sandler, Hubie Halloween is not for you; however, if you’re turning to Netflix to watch a poorly written movie with so many plot holes that’s downright hilarious…and also Adam Sandler is there, Hubie Halloween should be right up your alley!

While I wouldn’t call Hubie Halloween great, it is entertaining once you realize and accept it for what it is: a bit of a train wreck. 


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Steve Brill’s newest flick follows Adam Sandler as Hubert “Hubie” Dubois, an eccentric bike-riding, thermos-toting certified oddball who has spent his entire existence adapting to the way his town mistreats him, from dodging projectiles thrown by neighborhood kids to carrying an all-purpose thermos equipped with an umbrella, grappling hook, and unsurprisingly, soup. Hubie proves himself to be surprisingly resilient; a good majority of this movie is comprised of out-of-pocket insults and pranks from the people he is working so hard to protect, and as insults fly his way, he ignores them with ease and still greets everyone around him with surprising optimism.

Interestingly enough, even though the entire town of Salem seems to hate him, Hubie’s “life’s purpose” is to ensure that everyone has a safe Halloween. Through relentless pranks and insults, Hubie continues to chase vandals, deal with a werewolf, and even investigate the disappearances of people who exclusively called him “Pubie” for the better half of the movie. 


While the numerous plot holes and underdeveloped characters can get distracting, watching Maya Rudolph and Time Meadows from the cinematic masterpiece, Mean Girls, argue about their lack of sex drive is honestly pretty redemptive. 

Another highlight in Hubie Halloween is any scene with the master of Halloween herself, China Anne Mcclain (notorious for her 2011 single Calling All the Monsters). While her role is pretty small, each time she appears, she delivers a wonderful performance that is funny and wildly entertaining, especially when she tells off Mr.Landolfa (Ray Liotta), twice her age, for hitting on her.

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While numerous celebrity cameos are a significant reason for anyone to enjoy watching this movie (peep the surprise guest appearance by Shaq!), the hands-down best aspect of this move were the comedic Easter eggs written across various old women’s t-shirts; my personal favorites featured catchphrases like “I shaved my balls for this?” and “Boner Doner.” 

Bottom Line

Hubie Halloween is a goodmovie to put on in the background while at the dentist–it’s not  great but the sporadic funny moment will keep you entertained for the time being.


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