Halloween Kills (2021) Teaser Trailer Reveals How Michael Myers Lives On

Halloween (2018), the soft-reboot to the horror franchise that reintroduced the unstoppable Michael Myers, was a fun trip down memory lane with good direction and memorable performances. Seeing a much older Jamie-Lee Curtis brandishing a shotgun and a bad attitude, like Sarah Connor in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, was comical and engaging, as was the variety of deaths in the wake of Myers’ return to the free world. Today, the trailer for the second installment, Halloween Kills, was released, although with little new information.

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The trailer opens with a few establishing shots: a jack-o-lantern perched on a stoop; balloons drifting on a windy night; the house from the previous film’s finale, ablaze. Our surviving heroines are then shown, fleeing the scene in the back of a truck. Jamie-Lee Curtis holds back an abdominal wound, and, upon seeing firetrucks and ambulances rushing to an inferno that threatens to end this franchise return before it can even start, screams out, “No! Let it Burn!”

And that’s all we get until, presumably, this October. With this teaser’s modicum of content, it’s difficult to make any judgments yet, although we’re hoping that the first scene of the film is a dramatic rescue by brave firefighters who are only then chopped to pieces by the ever-ungrateful Myers. Remember during the last movie, when he murdered those true-crime fanatics who tried interviewing him? They’re pretty much the reason he got out in the first place, and he couldn’t even muster a “thank you”.

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Michael Timpert
Michael Timpert
Michael watches roughly five movies a week. He's partial to the horror genre and other films that make him miserable. When he isn't complaining about art he doesn't understand, he co-hosts a comedic podcast called Two For One. What he could possibly offer to an hour long audio program is still a mystery.

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