Marvel, Marvel, Marvel. DC has to be feeling like Jan Brady as of late. The MCU is a money making juggernaut and with the added success of films like Logan and Deadpool, Marvel Comics is currently ruling the box office. DC, on the other hand, has hit a bit of a rough patch. Critics and fans alike have been less than thrilled with the direction DC has taken in its attempt to create its own cinematic universe. With the release of Justice League around the corner, DC is running out of time before needing a massive reboot. Wonder Woman is DC’s last chance to build excitement for its big ensemble film. Well DC, let’s see what you’ve got.

The Story:

Wonder Woman a.k.a. Diana, Gal Gadot (I couldn’t find a film I actually wanted to link her to), saves pilot/spy Steve Trevor, Chris Pine (Star Trek), and learns of the “war to end all wars” going on in the world outside the protected and hidden island of Themyscira. Believing Ares is responsible, and that it’s the duty of the Amazonians to stop him, she embarks on a quest to kill the God of War and prevent the killing of thousands more. Can Diana break Ares’ influence on mankind or will she learn it’s the darkness in our nature that drives us to such atrocities?

The Good:

It finally feels like DC got one right. I’m not going to say I didn’t enjoy Suicide Squad, because I did, but I certainly wouldn’t call it good, and I’ll never get the time back that I wasted watching Batman v Superman. Wonder Woman, however, was both enjoyable and pretty good. Gal Gadot has given the best performance of anybody involved in DC’s new universe, not that she really had any competition. Director Patty Jenkins does a wonderful job balancing out DC’s dark and gritty feel with Diana’s almost naïve level of optimism and sense of right and wrong. If you’re the type of fan that will be disappointed that there’s no “S&M kinkiness” or that her armor is red, gold, and blue instead of red, white and blue, as David Edelstein of Vulture seems to think some of you might be, then stay home. There’s more than enough skin shown to cause drooling over Gadot’s beauty, and not everything has to be drenched in “America,” and honesty, a golden color make way more sense than white for armor inspired by the ancient Greeks.

The Bad:

As much as I enjoyed the action sequences (seriously, watching Wonder Woman kick tons of ass is extremely satisfying), they could have eased up a bit on the computer enhanced fighting skills Diana shows off. When deflecting machine-gun fire and mortar attacks with a shield is more believable than a leg sweep, you know you have a problem. When it comes to the story, if you saw Captain America then you saw Wonder Woman. Yes, I realize there are tons of differences, but the quest of a morally righteous superhero accompanied a group of soldiers to stop the Germans from developing/using a super-weapon to win the war is the core of both movies. That being said, I for one, would prefer to watch Wonder Woman. Finally, Diana’s full power being released by her love for Steve kind of fucks up the whole empowered-woman-vibe the rest of the film does a great job of building…..but maybe that’s just me.

The Bottom Line
Easily DC's best film in their cinematic universe.
Gal Gadot is great as Wonder Woman
Chris Pine and David Thewlis aren't too shabby either
Some of the computer effects are a bit distracting.