Power Rangers (2017) Review

Do I only review remakes? As of right now, it feels like I only review remakes.

Once again, I’m reviewing a movie that had a fairly good chance of pissing on my childhood. Luckily for Power Rangers, I had recently gone back and watched the original series. Wow, was that show awful. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it and still kind of do, but everything about it was pretty terrible and I’m ok with that. People are allowed to like things that are terrible and I am no exception. So, while I was worried about how much I would actually enjoy it, at least it didn’t have much to live up to as far as quality is concerned.

The story:

Five troubled teenagers stumble across five magic coins, granting them superpowers, which they must learn to use in order to defend the world from the forces of evil. It’s like The Breakfast Club had a baby with Pacific Rim, and that baby was bitten by a radioactive spider. As is typical of “team” movies the moral of the story is the importance of trust, friendship, and working together as one to accomplish a goal none of the individuals would have be able to do alone. The villain, of course, is a former member of the previous team of rangers, whose lust for power led her down the path of evil.

The Good:

RJ Cyler, who plays the role of Billy, stands out in his performance and turns my least favorite Ranger, Blue, into my favorite, if only for this film. The special effects and action sequences are easily on par with any other movie of its kind, and deliver a number of fun and exciting scenes. The brief segment of the original theme song, played while the Zords charge into battle, had nostalgia pumping through my veins and ready to jump out of my seat, throw my hands in front of me and yell “TYRANNOSAURUS,” especially since Jason never does. Finally, it felt like the type of movie I could play an infinite number of times as background noise.

The Bad:

It’s called Power Rangers. “Why is that bad?” you ask? Because this wasn’t the Power Rangers. The Zords were barely recognizable as the animals they’re supposed to be based on, while the Mega-Zord looks like one of Michael Bay’s Transformers instead of the multi-species Volton it’s supposed to look like. And, if I get into all my problems with Rita Repusa, Elizabeth Banks (Slither), and Goldar we’ll be here all day. The quick and easy fix to all of that? Call it literally anything else and change the character names. That’s it. I would have given it a full extra point just for that. I didn’t hate any of it, but if you give me coffee ice cream and call it chocolate, I’m going to be disappointed. The only thing that stayed true to the original was how unbelievably annoying Bill Hader’s Alpha-5 is, but that’s NOT a good thing.

P.S. If Naomi Scott is reading this, I’d like to ask for your hand in marriage. Sorry Amy Jo Johnson, I think I have a new favorite Pink Ranger.

The Bottom Line:
Kind of disappointing despite how much fun I had watching it.
Fun and Exciting. The type of movie you go to the theater for.
Should not have used original character names for completely unrecognizable characters.

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