February Netflix Suggestions

It’s February and romance is in the air. Whether you need suggestions for a date night or just want to “Netflix and Chill,” I’m here to help. Before we continue, I just want to warn you: you should, without a doubt, no questions asked, 100%, do something special for your better half on the 14th, but the rest of the month is fine for calling a night on the couch “a date.”  I repeat make V-Day magical or your nights on the couch will be spent alone. Without further adieu…

Three Holidays at Once:

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) Sure neither Halloween nor Christmas are anywhere in sight, but why should that matter? This stop-motion masterpiece has everything you want for a Valentine’s Day date night movie, including a budding romance involving the undead. Twilight is also being added if that’s more your thing, but the type of woman I’m into would take the Pumpkin King over a sparkly vampire any day of the week.  (February 1st)

Can I Touch You There:

Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special (2017) This variety special promises to get you in the mood for romance. Judging by the line-up I think it’s more likely to put you in the mood for laughs. Add in Bolton’s smooth vocals and it looks like the perfect thing to watch on the night of the 14th. (February 7th)

American Ninja Wait a Minute:

Ultimate Beastmaster (2017) A competition show based around a grueling obstacle course. You’ll love some contestants. You’ll hate others. You’ll tell yourself that you could do this if you practiced a couple times. Yea, we’ve seen this before, but hey, at least its not another singing competition. (February 24th)

Binge Alert:

DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge: Season 4 (2017) Remember how perfect that one Valentine’s Day was 9 years ago? How could you forget? You have a walking, talking souvenir of that night. And that souvenir wants you to watch TV with them. This one is for them. With four seasons, you’ll have plenty to watch with the little ones. Just don’t daydream too much about how you just want one night alone with your love because your kids are bound to get upset if they notice you drifting off. (February 17th)

There’s plenty more being added to enjoy this month but these are a great place to start. What additions are you most looking forward to?

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