La La Land (2016) Movie Review

Dazzling, and at times, utterly breathtaking, ‘La La Land’ methodically tugs at the heart-stings, applying just enough pressure, at the just the right moments, with unrivaled passion and spirit when necessary. Truly magnificent, La La Land is a modern, must-see musical. Brimming with life, and vibrance, La La Land inspires equally as much as it exhilarates. This, ladies and gentleman, is not a film that you watch, it’s one that you experience – it’s one that you feel and never forget.

The plot is delightfully simple: Sebastian, a jazz pianist, falls in love with Mia, an aspiring actress.

Throughout the film, Mia and Sebastian, the ever-dreaming, star-crossed lovers, battle with Fate for control of their serendipitously intertwined destinies. Watching their emotional story unfold on the big screen is a wonderful experience. Ah, young love…

Ryan Gosling (The Notebook) does a great job capturing the essence of what makes Sebastian not only great, but also so easy to relate to. Passionate and truly talented, Sebastian is a man who’s willing to give everything up for the woman that he loves.

Emma Stone’s (Zombieland) performance, portraying the beautifully complex Mia, is spot-on, she is witty throughout and inspires as many smiles as she does tears. The on-screen chemistry between Stone and Gosling is intense and sincere. Sure, the writing was great, but seeing Stone and Gosling together, pouring their hearts out, was spectacular.

Director and writer Damien Chazelle, the brilliant mind behind ‘Whiplash’ (2014), has created a visual and emotional spectacle with ‘La La Land.’ Cinematographer Linus Sandgren’s (American Hustle) warm and luscious style was evident throughout the film and paired perfectly with Justin Hurwitz’ sure-to-be-award-winning soundtrack. Sangren and Hurwitz and Chazelle artfully attack the entire emotional spectrum, and in doing so, end up crafting a truly unique cinematic experience.

Several times throughout the film I found myself slack-jawed and wide-eyed as I watched in utter amazement. And while I wasn’t brought to tears, and neither was my wonderful fiancee for that matter, I can assure you that there were some in the crowd who couldn’t help but sob through the credits.

The team behind this film deserves some serious credit and recognition for the apparent effort put forth. There is no doubt in my mind that La La Land is going to fair well this awards season. Go see it. If you don’t, you’re really missing out on something great.

 Score: 9 out of 10

Charlie Chipman
Charlie Chipman
The kind of guy who almost always ends his e-mails with, "Cheers," Charlie serves as Editor-in-Chief here at The Brazen Bull where he often reviews comic books and television shows. His favorite punctuation mark is the interrobang‽

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