Every Friday, Dave brings you a Familiar Face: an actor or actress that you’ve seen countless times, but for whatever reason, have no idea who they are. This week, Dave connects the name and face of…

Lilli Birdsell

Lately, by my count, she is in at least four different commercials ranging from the usual supermom or business woman to a fairly well spoken and humorous zombie concerned about taxes. In television, she has been in almost every procedural, often more than once as alternately grieving widow, murderous wife and sometimes both at the same time. It wasn’t until she appeared in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as ethereal scientist Lucy Bauer in the Ghostrider arc did I finally find out her name.

But I know her best from the first episode of Angel as the lonely heart Sharon Richler indelibly frozen into the opening sequence for that season and forever into my mind’s eye.
Once in the Whedonverse, always in the Whedonverse. (And now MCU too).