The rebirth of a nearly indestructible assassin comes with all kinds of additional details. A plague of nanites is released into the general public, a backup team of similar super soldiers is drawn from the depths of the past and Ray Garrison, Bloodshot is now a soon-to-be baby daddy.

I get that we want a broader story and sometimes romance is necessary to make the story have more conflict. There is more risk if the hero has something to lose, but in the first issue, no, and maybe not parenthood. Having a baby is often the last ditch effort to save a dying narrative. The main drama of the action and conspiracy need to be firmly placed before expanding on the sentimental. They even have a cute dog. Don’t get me wrong, he’s red-eyed and awesome, but…

The larger story of global catastrophe and a mysterious cabal is intriguing if not exactly groundbreaking and I’m not against the humanizing effect of a love story, but the way that Lemire has presented the story, he needs to start paying off in action sooner rather than later.

Guedes and Dalhouse combine to give a vivid and creepy rendition of people not quite human, almost too realistic and more nuanced than the prose.

Bloodshot Reborn #0
The Bottom Line
Bloodshot Reborn #0 earns a 6.5 out of 10 because there is too little menace and too much cute.
Too cute
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