Home Sick Pilots #3 Review

Issue: Home Sick Pilots #3
Words: Dan Watters
Art: Caspar Wijngaard
Letters: Aditya Bidikar
Design: Tom Muller

Publisher: Image
Published: February 10, 2021
Publisher’s Summary: The rest of the Home Sick Pilots continue their search for Ami through the Old James House. But the house doesn’t want them to find her…and is now full of very angry restless spirits. Will they live to cover Blitzkrieg Bop another day?


“I don’t want to walk through walls. I just want to help the house. Because I’ve been there. Broken. I want to be me again, and play some really great gigs as the Pilots. But now I’m gone, maybe it’s best for everyone that I stay that way.”

More often than not, I’ve used words like ‘dark’ and ‘depraved’ when commenting on Dan Watters’ work; this time around, the story being told is a bit depraved, but said depravity is balanced well with action and humor that makes the series surprisingly ‘fun’ to read. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a great deal of ‘fun’ reading Coffin Bound and The Picture of Everything Else, but Home Sick Pilots is different. Reading these issues brings me back to the days when I watched Power Rangers and Big Bad Beetleborgs (yes, I was a 90’s kids) but this series manages to deliver the depth, horror, and ass-kickery that I expect and appreciate as an adult.

Caspar Wijngaard’s artwork continues to complement and elevate Dan Watters’ script, entrancing readers with stunning visuals. This third issue is especially impressive, compared to its predecessors, as Wijngaard is presented with the opportunity to breath life into some of the ghosts haunting the Old James House.

The final moments Home Sick Pilots #3 are especially exciting and, yet again, leaves readers eager to return. Moving forward, I can see Watters and Wijngaard continuing to embrace the darkness and wickedness inherent to this tale.

The Bottom Line

Like 2001’s Thirteen Ghosts, but better…way better. Home Sick Pilots is a must-read supernatural horror tale with some serious attitude.

The Bottom Line
Like 2001's Thirteen Ghosts, but better...way better. Home Sick Pilots is a must-read supernatural horror tale with some serious attitude.

Charlie Chipman
Charlie Chipman
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