Chained to the Grave #1 (of 5) Review

Title: Chained to the Grave #1 (of 5)
Publisher: IDW
Words: Andy Eschenbach, Brian Level
Art: Kate Sherron
Published: February 3, 2021

Publisher’s Summary: “Outlaw Roy Mason has come back from the dead, chained to the headstone that marked his grave. It’s a lawless time, a magical time, and the undead Roy soon finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place as he sets out in search of treasure. But Roy, trying to do right by the wife and children he left behind, soon finds out that everything is not always as it seems… Writers Brian Level and Andy Eschenbach (DARTH VADER, THANOS, DEADPOOL) and artist Kate Sherron (INVADER ZIM, THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL) bring you a tale of intrigue, murder, magic, and the good ol’ wild, wild west!”


Chained to the Grave begins with Roy Mason crawling out of his burial plot. He is a bandit who died before he revealed when he hid the gold, but that is one secret no one wanted him to take with him. Now that he has been brought back to the living now chained to his own headstone, he must deal with his family and everybody who want him to lead them to the loot. The bad news is that even those who are not out for vengeance cannot be trusted, that he has his kids to look after doesn’t make his resurrected life any easier.

The good new is that at least the kids don’t seem too perturbed at the whole idea of their dad being dead thing.

In Chained to the Grave Andy Eschenbach and Brian Level lean into the absurd. The rotted corpse of Roy Mason cracks jokes and worries about his children while wondering why his wife decided to bring him back. Here, the weird western has enough humor about it to keep it going.

Kate Sherron also has a lighter take on the grim giving dead Roy an almost whimsical expression and appearance.

The Bottom Line

Chained to the Grave is a humorous weird western with enough plots twist to keep interest.

Chained to the Grave #1 (of 5) Review
The Bottom Line
Chained to the Grave is a humorous weird western with enough plots twist to keep interest.
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