American Vampire 1976 (2020-) #2 Review

Series American Vampire 1976 (2020-)
Issue 2

Words Scott Snyder
Art Rafael Albuquerque
Colors Dave McCaig
Letters Steve Wands

Publisher DC Comics – Black Label
Published November 11, 2020
Publisher’s Summary Skinner, Pearl and a surprising new ally team up to pull off their game-changing heist of the Freedom Train, but time is running out for a nation in crisis. The Beast’s plan for mass terror and world domination is finally revealed in sick detail, and as humanity spirals toward extinction, there’s a devastating twist. When an unexpected force returns to pick off the VMS’s top officials, Travis and Cal discover that the ultimate evil has competition-and the final battle will be more merciless than anyone imagined.

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“My point is, despite it all, you’re my brother, and al I ever wanted was to be on the same side again. So…crazy as it sounds, I’m glad we’re partners. You know?”

With several moving pieces–several plotlines progressing toward convergence–it makes senses for Scott Snyder to stop, every now and again, to ensure that readers are onboard and remain invested. With this issue’s opening, Snyder reminds (or informs, depending on your familiarity with the series) of Book and Skinner’s relationship, making it clear why the two teaming up is something special. With this finished, Snyder brings on the action, dropping readers in the middle of a train robbery, in Arizona. From there, readers are taken to New York City and then there’s a quick jaunt to Washington, D.C.

Despite the jumps from one location to another–from one group of characters to another–Snyder ensures that the story retains its cohesiveness, making the transitions feel relatively seamless. And, although there is a good deal of exposition throughout the issue, it never feels weighed down or lacking of energy. And Snyder’s dialogue during the ‘Bad Season’ scene was incredibly well-crafted and will linger with readers for some time.

American Vampire 1976 (2020-) #2 is another visually stunning issue. I especially enjoyed eyeing the panels containing the Beast’s monstrous followers; these panels contain just the right amount of horrifying detail to haunt readers.

The Bottom Line

American Vampire 1976 (2020-) #2 is dense with well-crafted artwork and dialogue/narration; this second chapter continues to pique interest and gain momentum as the plot thickens.

American Vampire 1976 (2020-) #2 Review
The Bottom Line
 American Vampire 1976 (2020-) #2 is dense with well-crafted artwork and dialogue/narration; this second chapter continues to pique interest and gain momentum as the plot thickens.
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