Crossover #1 Review

Series Crossover
Issue 1

Story Donny Cates
Art Geoff Shaw
Colors Dee Cunniffe
Letters & Design John J. Hill

Publisher Image
Published November 4, 2020
Publisher’s Summary The creative powerhouses behind the bestselling, critically acclaimed GOD COUNTRY, Thanos Wins, and REDNECK returns for the biggest launch of the year.

Imagine everything you thought was fantasy…was real. And now join us, in a world where reality is dead…and anything is possible…


“Who is more real? Us? Or Superman?”

It’s not every day that a series comes along and appeals to readers as comic book fans, saying “I understand why you’re passionate” and “Yes, these serialized works of art are special,” but that’s exactly what Crossover does.

The plot of the series is a relatively simple one: characters, super-powered and otherwise, break the boundary separating fiction from reality, effectively crossing over, sending the world into chaos.

Right out of the gate, Donny Cates makes it clear that he is expecting readers to take a long hard look with him at comic books, their characters, and the effect that this medium has had on us as a culture–as a people. By addressing the power-to-transcend that comic book characters–all fictional characters, iconic or otherwise–possess, Cates encourages readers to contemplate their own mortality. While Cates doesn’t continue his questioning throughout the book, the opening is powerful enough to stick with readers for issues to come.

Crossover #1 is gorgeous. The collaborative efforts of this book’s artists–Geoff Shaw, Dee Cunniffe, and John J. Hill–are apparent on the page. I’m eager to see more scenes that are chockful  of characters that have crossed over, as these are the most visually appealing. Be sure to stop and stare at the book’s more complex pages; a lot of time and attention was clearly put into creating these panels.

As difficult as the decision often is to assign a ‘perfect’ score to a single issue, doing so, here, with Crossover #1 was a bit of a no-brainer. Cates, Shaw, Cunniffe, Hill, and the rest of the team that worked to bring this series to fruition, have brought something special into the world. It’s still early, but to me, it’s already clear that Crossover will have the lasting power necessary to keep readers interested and invested for issues to come.

Comic book readers new and old, pick up this book.

The Bottom Line

Demanding to be read, Crossover is a passionately penned love letter to comics. This well-crafted first issue is compelling and should not be missed.

Crossover #1 Cover
Crossover #1 Review
The Bottom Line
Demanding to be read, Crossover is a passionately penned love letter to comics. This well-crafted first issue is compelling and should not be missed.

Charlie Chipman
Charlie Chipman
The kind of guy who almost always ends his e-mails with, "Cheers," Charlie serves as Editor-in-Chief here at The Brazen Bull where he often reviews comic books and television shows. His favorite punctuation mark is the interrobang‽

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