The Last God: Songs of Lost Children (2020-) #1 Review

Issue The Last God: Songs of Lost Children (2020-) #1 Review
Publisher DC Black Label
Published October 27, 2020

Creator Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Writer Dan Watters
Artist Steve Beach
Colorist Dave Stewart
Cartographer Jared Blando
Letterer Tom Napolitano

Publisher’s Summary A decade after the infamous battle of the Black Stair, an incognito Queen Cyanthe and her handmaiden embark on a journey to the poverty-stricken villages outside Tyrgolad. When faced with stories of disappearing children and a real-life encounter with a great and ancient monster, Cyanthe realizes that tales of monsters lurking are anything but folklore, and must return to her warrior roots to slay another ghastly creature. Special guest writer Dan Watters (Lucifer, Coffin Bound) and artist Steve Beach (The Last God: Tales from the Book of Ages) join the world of the Last God for this tale from the Age of Tyrgolad.


“Verse by verse she loses her children. They slip through her claws into the snow, until she is alone. it is not a happy song, but it has brought me comfort. Do you remember singing it to me as I fell asleep? Before the dead men took you. I used to dream of Mother Ursulon every night. Before I was queen.”

Queen Cyanthe puts boots on the ground in an attempt to better understand the plight of her people. Doing so leaves here in a precarious position, learning that the there is a great deal of truth in ghost stories that town folk tell.

Overall, The Last God: Songs of Lost Children (2020-) #1 is stunning. Steve Beach’s design for the ‘ghastly creature,’ referenced in the publisher’s summary, is unique and unnerving. The amount of detail poured into each panel featuring the creature is impressive and makes revisiting the issue a spine-tingling joy. Writer Dan Watters infuses this dark and atmospheric tale with great depth and unforgettable horror; The Last God: Songs of Lost Children (2020-) #1 unsettles in all the right ways.

This one is not to be missed…

The Bottom Line

The Last God: Songs of Lost Children (2020-) #1 is a haunting, must-read issue.

The Bottom Line
The Last God: Songs of Lost Children (2020-) #1 is a haunting, must-read issue.

Charlie Chipman
Charlie Chipman
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