Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020-) #4 Review

Series: Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020-)
Issue: 4

Publisher: DC
Published: October 13, 2020

By: Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo
Inks: Jonathan Glapion
Colors: FCO Plascencia
Letters: Tom Napolitano

Publisher’s Summary: Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman are trapped in nightmare worlds within the Dark Multiverse! They’ll need to face down their fiercest foes once again if they hope to accomplish their mission and bring back a power capable of stopping the Darkest Knight. But what horrors has he unleased on Earth while they’ve been locked away?!


“I want you to picture a multiverse where all worlds exist. An infinite multiverse. Each Earth unique, all connected. You can have a world like this, but it won’t be alone, or something built at the expense of others. There’s room for it all. One doesn’t have to win over the other. We can all win, together…”

It’s been two months and several crossover issues since we last read Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020-)it should come as no surprise that a good portion of this fourth issue is spent bringing readers up to speed and tying whatever loose ends needed tending. After a quick review of what’s happened, readers are sent to revisit DC’s ‘Crisis’ events alongside Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. As one could have expected, our heroes’ plan doesn’t go as expected, and eventually, the situation grows even more dire than it had been prior to them splitting up.

With so many moving parts—which has been typical of Scott Snyder’s work at DC—some readers, if not the majority, will need a helping hand, every now and again, to stay on top of what’s been taking place. The key to creating an issue that entertains while also getting readers up to speed is balance; thankfully, Snyder does a fine job, here in Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020-) #4 in keeping the story progressing while simultaneously making sure that readers aren’t left behind. Snyder, with his far-reaching scripts, continues to speak to fans and longtime readers, leaving snippets of nostalgia on nearly every page he pens; this, in combination with the story’s high stakes, breakneck speed, and stunning artwork makes for an enjoyable reading experience.

Bottom Line

Taking a heart-pounding trip through DC’s storied history, Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020-) #4 is another rousing issue that will appeal, especially, to longtime readers. 

Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020-) #4
Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020-) #4 Review
The Bottom Line
Taking a heart-pounding trip through DC’s storied history, Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020-) #4 is another rousing issue that will appeal, especially, to longtime readers.

Charlie Chipman
Charlie Chipman
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