Coffin Bound #7 Review

Series: Coffin Bound
Issue: 7

Words: Dan Watters
Art: Dani

Publisher: Image
October 7, 2020
Publisher’s Summary:
With more killers on her tail, Taqa must decide whether to trust in God or earthly loved ones for protection. But the closer she comes to death, the closer she inches to her goal. Perhaps she can hold on just a little longer…

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“That’s right. I am marred and splattered with life. It will be so long before they can get the stains of me out of the mat. The ring will remember I was there for a long time.”

Venturing further on her journey to capture the Vulture and, in doing so, prove the existence of God, Taqa has found herself at a crossroads of sort; her decision, regardless of which path she takes, will have dire consequences…

The collaborative efforts of writer Dan Watters and artist Dani, here, make for a near-perfect reading experience that is worth far more than the issue’s cover price. Coffin Bound #7 perfectly blends art and prose to depict the exploration of large existential concepts that, otherwise, would be difficult to tackle.

Coffin Bound #7 is, without doubt, one of the most impressive comic books I’ve read in quite some time; it’s certainly one of the best in the series. The third issue of this arc continues to build upon the momentum of it predecessors, moving faster, pulling readers deeper toward the chaotic core of this story.

Bottom Line

Coffin Bound continues to impress; this seventh issue is a mind-bending trip that readers won’t soon forget.

The Bottom Line
Coffin Bound continues to impress; this seventh issue is a mind-bending trip that readers won't soon forget.
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