Rai (2019-) #7 Review

Title: Rai (2019) #7
Publisher: Valiant
Words: Dan Abnett
Art: Juan José Ryp
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
Published: September 23, 2020

Publisher’s Summary“Abnett and Ryp explore “WILD FRONTIERS” in the most critically-acclaimed sci-fi epic of 2020! A mysterious supernatural storm has trapped Rai and Raijin with their enemies… but who will live to see daylight?


The wandering cybernetic swordsman Rai’s singularity of purpose leads him closer to his confrontation with the Father, or at least one of his Offspring. In the meantime, however, he is saved from conflicting destructive storms (one elemental, one technological) by the former host of one of the Constructs who had been trying to murder him.

Lucky for him she got better and now just goes by the name of Alice. Meanwhile, Lula is trying to contact the mysterious “Ray,” but she is putting everything at risk by even trying.

Dan Abnett’s teaming of Rai and Raijin is not exactly a buddy comedy, but the adventures of the synthetic sibling duo continue as they wander the dangerous and unpredictable wilderness in search of a way to undermine the Bloodfather.

Along the way they start a collection of allies as this hero’s journey progresses. What unfolds is done in a clever and surprising manner with these new companions adding real flavor to the story and making this an enjoyable adventure.

It bears repeating: The artwork of Juan José Ryp and Andrew Dalhouse is simply stunning. There is majesty in every frame; a fitting and unmistakable homage to the cinematic samurai of the past.

The Bottom Line

Rai’s hero journey gets more complex as he himself is forced to learn the nuances of interpersonal relationships.

The Bottom Line
Rai’s hero journey gets more complex as he himself is forced to learn the nuances of interpersonal relationships.

Dave Robbins
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