Doctor Tomorrow (2020) #5 Review

Series: Doctor Tomorrow (2020)
Issue: 5 (of 5)

Writer: Alejandro Arbona
Artist: Jim Towe
Colorist: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Publisher: Valiant
Published: August 26, 2020
Publisher’s Summary: After a universe-spanning journey, Doctor Tomorrow must face his greatest foe yet — himself! Will the combined forces of the Valiant Universe be enough to avert total annihilation? After the epic conclusion will there be a tomorrow?


Bart is back, better than ever, and ready to beat the snot out of himself…well, a more sinister version of himself.

Mini-series that lead up to, and eventually end in, big fights or ‘boss’ battles, especially when they feature super-powered protagonists, are a dime a dozen; the formula isn’t new. Providing readers the opportunity to watch a character grow from zero to hero, over the course of several issues, often serves said character well, as these short runs provide readers with the time needed to get behind a hero that, otherwise, may have been unknown to them. Making these re-/introductory series feel fresh or exciting is difficult; however, Alejandro Arbona and Jim Towe did just that with Doctor Tomorrow.

Having read this series, front to back, and gotten a taste of what an ongoing Doctor Tomorrow series may be, I’m eager to read more and hopeful that I will get the chance to do so, soon. In these five issues, Alejandro Arbona has done a fine job in handling the more complicated aspects of Doctor Tomorrow’s abilities and responsibilities while also adding depth and nuance to the character. I, for one, think that Doctor Tomorrow is primed for an ongoing series of his own and ready to play a larger role in the greater Valiant universe.

The Bottom Line

The Doctor Tomorrow (2020) mini-series ends with an impressive conclusion that, of course, leaves readers wanting more Doctor Tomorrow; five issues just isn’t enough…

Looking to learn more about Doctor Tomorrow? Read this recent interview with series writer, Alejandro Arbona: Interview: Writer Alejandro Arbona Talks Doctor Tomorrow and Time Travel

The Bottom Line
The Doctor Tomorrow (2020) mini-series ends with an impressive conclusion that, of course, leaves readers wanting more Doctor Tomorrow; five issues just isn't enough...

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