Rai (2019-) #6 Review

Title: Rai (2019) #6
Publisher: Valiant
Words: Dan Abnett
Art: Juan José Ryp
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
Published: August 19, 2020

Publisher’s Summary “A brand-new arc of the critically-acclaimed series starts here! Rai and Raijin are drafted into the positronic Roman legions to face a savage threat”


The start of this new arc has Rai and Raijin come across a Roman legion about to be annihilated by a massive group of the animal hybrid Kor’Tunga. After Rai routs the attackers, the Romans believe his appearance is from prophecy and that he has come to save them, but he tells them his priority is still to seek out and destroy the offspring of the Father.

Raijin persuades him to compromise by agreeing to broker a peace with the mutants rather than to leave the Romans on their own. Both Rai and Raijin may come to regret the decision. Meanwhile back at Hinasho Town, Lula is trying to find some answers, but instead receives a cryptic distress call.

Dan Abnett’s Rai is a complete badass, a ruthless cold-hearted killer obsessed with eliminating the offspring, very much the perfect anti-hero. Only the influence of Raijin, his brother, tempers his relentlessness. This family dynamic that is revealed as they quest together grants some satisfying depth to the over the top sword wielding past apocalyptic adventure.

Juan José Ryp and Andrew Dalhouse’s magnificent artwork elicits the best fight scene and sweep epics of the classic samurai films of the past.

The Bottom Line

Rai is an epic samurai tale with all the post apocalyptic and super tech buttons pushed with great result.

The Bottom Line
Rai is an epic samurai tale with all the post apocalyptic and super tech buttons pushed with great result.
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