Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020-) #3 Review

Series: Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020-)
Issue: 3

Publisher: DC
Published: August 11, 2020

By: Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo
Inks: Jonathan Glapion
Colors: FCO Plascencia
Letters: Tom Napolitano

Publisher’s Summary: All aboard! When the Justice League launches its assault on New Apokolips, the team’s goal is to free Superman from his solar prison. But it’s all going off the rails when they learn that the Man of Steel is gone for good thanks to the Anti-Life Equation. Plus, the deep secret of the Darkest Knight is revealed-but how much darker could the Batman Who Laughs possibly get? And don’t miss the surprise return of everyone’s favorite wanna be Robin!


“So those are what, ParaRobins? I’ll say this, Bats, even the evil versions of you are damn good at branding. I mean it could get tacky. Bats on everything?” 

“Bats are never tacky.”

While some may have already had their fill of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo finding new ways to creatively put bats on everything, I haven’t. At this point, discovering the new Bat(insert character name, here) in each issue, is half the fun of reading this series. The short exchange of dialogue, included above, shows that Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020-) is self-aware; lines like these let readers know that creators are on the same page with them, asking questions like: “Is a Darkseid batman and troop of Parademon Robins too much?” The answer, of course, is always no…

“Why thank you, Barry! Working on it is sort of my happy place, you know? It sure took me a while to make, believe you me! See, the compartments? They contain ways of killing every single hero in the world! Neat, huh?”

It doesn’t get much more Death Metal than the Robin King, ladies and gentleman. Well, watching Lobo saw through the Fifth dimension with a machine gun is pretty damn metal, too, but you get my point. While some may find the obvious Christ-like Robin King a bit depraved, I say: yeah, that’s the point.

Snyder and Capullo have successfully achieved everything that they have set out achieve with this series, so far. And this book’s final page has me eager to see what’s still to come.

Bottom Line

Three issues in and Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020-) continues to impress, upping the ante with every turn of the page, somehow managing to raise the stakes with each new plot development.

The Bottom Line
Three issues in and Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020-) continues to impress, upping the ante with every turn of the page, somehow managing to raise the stakes with each new plot development.

Charlie Chipman
Charlie Chipman
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