Coffin Bound #5 Review

Series: Coffin Bound
Issue: 5

Words: Dan Watters
Art: Dani

Publisher: Image
August 5, 2020
Publisher’s Summary:
DEADLY KILLERS! DIRT SANDWICHES! A NEW STORY ARC! TAQA found solace in God—and that God lives in a syringe. With the city about to ban the holy narcotic, she vows to prove the existence of the divine, setting her on a path straight to the murderous EARTHEATER’s door.

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“Thus, the Vulture, being an impossible thing that cannot exist and yet does, turns the world itself into a paradox, which we may call proof of God’s existence. The Vulture means the world cannot exist without the absurdity of God.”

The first arc of Coffin Bound was packed tight with unique characters birthed in a withering world; this second arc presents similarly, but with a shift in focus and subtle change to the overall aesthetic that makes the series feel fresh and exciting, yet again.

Dan Watters, as a writer and creator, consistently manages to take the archaic systems of thought that we readers take for granted and upend them, providing good reason to question our often antiquated understandings of (nearly) everything. The religion-as-narcotic/narcotic-as-religion relationship that Watters presents here, in the first chapter of this new arc, serves as a great foundation for the thought-provoking story that’s bound to ensue, in coming issues, while simultaneously acting as a catalyst that eases readers into the sort of ‘open’ mindset that they need to get the most out of this series.

Dani’s evocative artwork cements readers in Watters’ narrative, surrounding them with dirt and decay. Each and every page of Coffin Bound #5, like the four issues that came before it, are visually impressive.

If you somehow missed the first arc of Coffin Bound, catch up; Coffin Bound #5 sets the stage for what promises to be an impressive show.

Bottom Line

Coffin Bound has, and will continue to, resonate deeply with readers looking for more from their comic books than the usual square-jawed, tight-wearing fare. Coffin Bound #5 is a necessary-read. 

Coffin Bound #5 Review
Coffin Bound #5 Review
The Bottom Line
Coffin Bound has, and will continue to, resonate deeply with readers looking for more from their comic books than the usual square-jawed, tight-wearing fare. Coffin Bound #5 is a necessary-read.

Charlie Chipman
Charlie Chipman
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