Doctor Tomorrow (2020) #4 Review

Series: Doctor Tomorrow (2020)
Issue: 4 (of 5)

Writer: Alejandro Arbona
Artist: Jim Towe
Colorist: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Publisher: Valiant
Published: July 29, 2020
Publisher’s Summary: The true origin of Doctor Tomorrow is finally revealed! Can Bart Simms ready himself in time to rescue the Universe from complete annihilation?


Rescuing the Universe from complete annihilation is an impossible task unless, of course, you enlist the help of some friends. While the heroes of the Valiant universe are holding off one Doctor Tomorrow, the soon-to-be Doctor Tomorrow skips to another time in order to prepare himself for what promises to be an epic battle. With the fate of the Universe hanging in the balance, Bart Simms takes a leap and attempts to grow into the hero that he needs to become. 

Yet again, writer Alejandro Arbona has done a stunning job in maintaining and creating momentum–momentum that is pivotal to the success of a short run like this one. Compared to the previous three issues, Doctor Tomorrow (2020) #4 is ‘quiet’ but it’s still both interesting and exciting. Doctor Tomorrow (2020) #4 successfully prepares readers for what’s to come, leaving them eager to watch the epic, high-stakes battle that awaits.

Knowing that there is but one issue left in this short-one already has me wanting more. Alejandro Arbona has done an excellent job of elevating the character of Doctor Tomorrow and re-/introducing him to Valiant readers.

Bottom Line

The penultimate issue of Doctor Tomorrow (2020) builds a great deal of momentum for its final chapter; Doctor Tomorrow (2020) #4 is not to be missed.

Looking to learn more about Doctor Tomorrow? Read this recent interview with series writer, Alejandro Arbona: Interview: Writer Alejandro Arbona Talks Doctor Tomorrow and Time Travel

Doctor Tomorrow (2020) #4
Doctor Tomorrow (2020) #4 Review
The Bottom Line
The penultimate issue of Doctor Tomorrow (2020) builds a great deal of momentum for its final chapter; Doctor Tomorrow (2020) #4 is not to be missed.

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