Adventureman #2 Review

Title: Adventureman #2
Publisher: Image
Words:Matt Fraction
Art:Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson
Published: July 8, 2020

Previous Reviews: Adventureman #1

Publisher’s Summary: “The mysterious disappearance of the original Adventureman gets a little more complicated when, in the modern era, single mom Claire Connell stumbles into his legacy. But with the adventuremantle come untold dangers from those who would seek to destroy it!”


The last issue was an introduction to the legacy of Adventureman, full of action and intrigue. This time, we get more of a table setting for what the comic is really about.

Here, Tommy is captivated by the mysterious book and is convinced that the details in it mean that Adventureman is real, or at least was at some time. He has to go to school and leaves the book with his mother Claire. At first she is dubious, but soon finds out that Tommy may be right. Something is up for sure, because strange things are definitely afoot, and there is at least one building in Manhattan that didn’t used to be where it is now, the last time she looked, thought she seems to be the only person who can see it.

This second chapter of Adventureman pauses the action considerably as Claire starts to investigate her hunches and begins to discover more about the strange book. More of her own backstory is revealed as well, and it turns out that she may be more of a hero than anyone suspected.

The Bottom Line

Adventureman leaps into modern times as Tommy’s book is far from ordinary, and his mom is pretty super, herself.

Adventureman #2 Review
The Bottom Line
Adventureman leaps into modern times as Tommy’s book is far from ordinary, and his mom is pretty super, herself.
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